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Entrance Fee (All Day Play)................. $ 15

All Day Air........ $ 5
Rental Equipment (Marker, Tank, Hopper, Mask).............. $ 20
Rental Upgrade (Full Head shield, Harness, Chest Protector, 2 Pods)............ $ 10
Rental Package Single walk in players: Includes Entrance, All Day Air, Rental Equipment, and 500 rounds.......... $ 55


2000 Rounds of Paintballs ......... $ 60
1000 Rounds of Paintballs.......... $ 40
  500 Rounds of Paintballs.......... $ 25

accessories for rent:
Chest Protector..............$5
Tank Rental....................$10

Mask Rental...................$5
VL 200............................$5
Harness and 2 pods.......$10

group rates:
We have party packages available with a minimum of 8 players:


Each package includes: 

  • entry to park 

  • marker

  • mask

  • unlimited air

  • 500 paintballs per player

  • designated picnic area 

  • dedicated referee


Referee - provides instructions on safety, equipment use and rules, as well as, reffing the game(s) on the fields. They will also assist with filling the markers up with air and paintballs. Your party will play against each other only, unless otherwise requested by you. (meaning if you have a party of 10; there will be 2 teams of 5 that play against each other during your time the park). 



We have 3 woodsball fields (wooded area with houses, bunkers, towers, bridges and much more) and 1 speedball field (turf with inflatable bunkers). The players will rotate between all the fields during their time there. 


We offer 2 style paintball markers for rental:

  • Standard paintball marker recommended for teenagers and above:

    • standard paintball

  • Low Caliber marker - recommended for 9 years and up

    • ~ 1/2 the size of the standard paintball, feels more like a rubber band sting

    • Lighter weight gun

    • Velocity and paint splatter equivalent to standard gun


You can bring food or order food for delivery (we have a few Pizza Delivery Phone #'s that can be provided). You can bring sodas, water, gatorade etc.., please note for everyone's safety alcohol is not permitted at the Park or Parking Area.


In addition, you can decorate your designated picnic area for your special event. There are invitations available for you to download under invitation tab.


We recommend booking between 1 week & 3 days in advance and providing waivers to each invited guest upfront, so when they attend the event you have the waivers ready. Waiver is located under player waiver tab.


Group Rates:

  •   8-24 players - $45 per player (500 paintballs/player) 

  •  25+   players - $40 per player (500 paintballs/player)



If you have less than 8 players the following is included at a rate of $55 per player:

  • entry to park 

  • marker

  • mask

  • all day air

  • 500 paintballs per player

  • picnic table on a first come first serve basis

  • play with open field games (other players at the park)


No reservation is required for a group of 1-7 players.


Prices are subject to change. For updated prices why not give us a call at: (954) 986-9089

additional party info:

ER Park would like to welcome all new players and groups. If you have never played paintball before, this is the place to start. We have hosted thousands of players of all ages and experience levels and are always happy to introduce new players to this sport.

If you are in charge of the group, we recommend you start a sign up list. Have people that sign up give you a deposit or pay you in advance, this helps to guarantee they will show up on the day of play.


The waiver form online can be pre-printed and filled out before you come.​​

Players under 18 should fill the form out ahead of time and have their parents/guardian sign for them.


​Click Here to Download the Form

​HOW TO BOOK YOUR GROUP: Call ER Park Paintball to book your event. (954) 986-9089. If you have a large group it is best to make reservations as early as possible to ensure you get to play on the date of your choice. The field is open on Friday from Noon till 5PM, Saturday 9AM till 5PM and Sundays from 9AM till 5PM.

We host week day (Monday-Thursday) and private groups by advance reservation. Private sessions are field paint only. If your group shows up with less than 8 players you will not be given a private session.

WHAT TO WEAR: The best thing to do is wear comfortable clothes like sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts, cleats or hiking shoes. Remember you will be in the woods and doing a lot of walking and running through bushes and trees. We always recommend you wear as many layers as you can stand for the weather.

Also if you want you can wear gloves, hats and scarves to protect exposed areas. Obviously this will be easier to do in the winter. For summer weather, long sleeve t-shirts seem to work well. You can also bring a change of clothes for the end of the day if you are worried about being dirty or muddy and getting into the car. The paint from the paint balls washes out.


6401 SHERIDAN STREET - HOLLYWOOD, FL 33024 (954) 986-9089

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