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Inspirations for Youth and Family Drug Rehab Center plays paintball













We recently took the Inspirations for Youth and Family teen girls to Extreme Paintball and now it was the teen boys turn. It was an eventful day for the boys as the played four games and learned how to work as a team, take instruction, and let out some of their pent up steam that is so  common with teens in recovery.

The beauty of paintball is it gets the adrenaline going for the kids and connects it to the pleasure center of the brain replacing the feeling they received initially from drug or alcohol abuse. The teens at the Drug Rehab Center also experience normal events that occur outside the treatment center like the smell of a cigarette or something else. At some point, all of these teens will be discharged and will have a head start in being confronted with the real world.


We call taking teens on outings – recreational therapy.

“Paintball is definitely one of the best outings we go on at Inspirations.”

Inspirations’ Teen

Interview with a teen paintball player

Inspirations: What do you think about being here today?

Inspirations’ Teen: I came to Extreme Paintball a few weeks ago and it is definitely one of the best outings that we go on.

I think we are all a little bit angry and this helps take out our aggression.

Inspirations: So are you excited about being here today?

Inspirations’ Teen: Yes. Everybody is excited about this activity.

Inspirations: Do you have a strategy to win the game?

Inspirations’ Teen: Just light people up.

“The kid’s had fun today,” said an Extreme Paintball field instructor. “I was impressed with how much spirit they had. It was a real good time.”
Perhaps the highlight of the day was when one teen who just arrived at Inspirations drug and alcohol treatment center, changed his mind about playing paintball. Initially, he did not want to play, but after some goading he agreed and ended up having the best time.

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